Saturday, December 24, 2005

USA here I come

Jing, my sister-in-law headed off to America on Tuesday, well Melbourne,Florida to be precise .She is off to live with her fiance Joey.
We all went to the airport to see her off which ended in an emotional send off as the family is very close.She arrived around 22 hour later and has been in constant touch through web cam and yahoo messenger since.I know it will take her time to adjust to a new life out there as she has been in 24 hour Hong Kong for around 9 years, but we all wish her well.

Weather getting colder,had to stop wearing shorts last week.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Riot in Wanchai

Well it did turn nasty on Saturday night as predicted when a large group of mostly Korean farmers tried to enter the WTO Conference area.When they came up against resistance from the police they started to hurl metal barriers and anything they could lay their hands on at them.This resulted in the whole of Wanchai being shut down for 24 hours as the riot police moved in.They announced the imminent use of tear gas and urged all to stay indoors as hundreds of riot police in gas masks filed down the streets.A sight I'm sure not to see again in a hurry.
Later they managed to round up around 1,000 protestors after an all night stand off and take them away for unlawful assembly to various police stations around the territory,where most still are today under investigation.

The pictures above were taken around 200 meters from our front door.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


It's been a few week's since my last post so let see what has been going on.

Hannah spent a full day in hospital for a CAT scan last week thank goodness all is well after her fall, her fracture has healed and the slight blood in her brain has disappeared, what a great relief to both Janicel and myself.

Jamie is doing well at Kindergarten,infact he is now speaking Cantonese, well he knows his numbers and how to tell Janicel and myself to sit down.Not that I know what he is on about which is very bad after 10 years in Hong Kong.

The big news is the W.T.O which is due to start on Monday.
Hopefully the Hong Kong government have gone into overkill on what they expect.They have enclosed all walk way's over roads to stop hard core protestors throwing themselves off onto on coming traffic.
We live less than 3 minutes from the conference area and are expecting many disruptions over the next week.
Some shops and hotels have already boarded up there windows.Work wise we are on a major route to the conference area so we will have to see what happens
Tonight seems busy with many strange faces in the bar for this time of year,could they all be hard core protestors? Will keep you posted on this .