Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tough Wee Girl

Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last post and in that time Hannah had a nasty accident.Last Thursday morning she slipped out of the back of her stroller on to her head while being lifted up some steps.She was rushed to hospital and had x-ray's and CAT scans which revealed a small fracture on her skull,luckily there was no cut to her head and only very slight internal bleeding which stopped almost immediately.
Janicel and I spent a sleepless night at her bedside and by the next morning she was kicking,crying and even smiling at us. By Friday afternoon the doctors were very pleased with her progress and behaviour and said as she is so young the slight fracture would heal very quickly and the very small amount of internal blood will get absorbed over time.
They were happy enough to allow her home on friday afternoon much to our relief.We have two check ups booked for her in two and six weeks time, but just looking at her now you wouldn't think anything had happened but what a fright it gave us as we only brought her home from the maternity ward 25 days ago.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Home sweet home.

It's been a week since my last update.I've been very busy since Janicel and Hannah came home last Thursday.
Jamie was off school for a couple of day's with a bad stomach.Of course I got blamed for not looking after him properly while Janicel was in hopital.But he soon recovered when she came home,funny that.
We were up at the Mother & Child Health Care Center today and they were very happy with Hannah's progress.She has put on some weight as well,she was 3.075kg when born and a week later is now 3.3kg.
Weather 29 degrees,that's around 80+ to others.
Starting to cool down!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's a Girl.........

It's a Girl.Finally at 13:22 Hong Kong time she "popped out".Well is wasn't quite that simple but all went well.I attended the birth which I was very nervous about.
As "she" (sorry,no confirmed name as yet)was delivered by cesarean I was positioned at Janicel's head and was quite happy about that.
Janicel kept asking me to look and tell her what was going on,but even after year's at the fishing,oil rig's,working door's in Edinburgh and bar's in Hong Kong I couldn't face looking.But now I can't stop looking at our beautiful baby girl.
Well that's it for now,I am exausted and going to bed,more later.

The Wait...........

One day delayed so just sat it out.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tomorrow is the big day.......

Yesterday was Peoples Republic of China National Day,and as you can see amongst other celebrations there was fireworks over the harbour.The above pictures are of Jamie and his Auntie Jing.

Tomorrow is the big day.
Janicel is booked in to hospital for a cesarean section at 10am.She is more happy with this as with Jamie she went through 14 hours of hard labour and then had an emergency cesarean in the end.
So stay tuned and I will post pictures and news as soon as I can.